Augusta Civil Litigation Lawyers

Georgia Construction Dispute Attorneys

Civil Litigation, simply put, is an area of law that has to do with disputes between parties (including both individuals and organizations). In general, when a person or entity has been injured or wronged in some way and attributes responsibility to another party, a civil suit may be filed in an attempt to obtain compensation.

At Trotter Jones, LLP, our attorneys are skilled litigators, representing parties in a variety of civil disputes. When you are fighting to secure your rights after being wronged, make sure you have skilled lawyers on your side to represent your interests in court.

For committed, experienced legal support in civil matters, including construction, real estate, business and tax disputes, contact Trotter Jones, LLP in Augusta Georgia. Call (706) 737-3138.

Resolving Construction Disputes

Our attorneys possess the tools needed to effectively gather, evaluate and present evidence on your behalf in your trial. We interact clearly with witnesses and utilize experts to further bolster our position. Our firm’s aim is to deliver a forceful presentation in court.

Our Successful Civil Litigation Practice Includes Representation of Clients in Matters Related to:

  • Business and partnership disputes
  • Breach of contract
  • Invoicing discrepancies
  • Employment disagreements
  • Residential and commercial real estate disputes
  • Construction disputes
  • Non-disclosure of defects
  • Subcontractor non-payment claims
  • Negligent construction claims
  • Bonding
  • Land use and zoning

The result of your civil trial is critical to you or your business. Make certain you go to court flanked by attorneys who possess real trial experience. Make certain your lawyers have the skill, dedication and performance to make that essential difference. Make certain you contact Trotter Jones, LLP. Call us: (706) 737-3138.