Augusta Business Collections Lawyers

Right now, collecting what is rightfully due to you or your business is more important, and more difficult, than ever. If you are a business owner and need assistance collecting debts owed to your business, contact Trotter Jones, LLP. Every day, we represent businesses, lenders, landlords and individuals seeking to collect past due accounts and unpaid loans.

The attorneys at Trotter Jones, LLP specialize in debt collection litigation, including the filing of foreclosure actions representing creditors who must protect their interests through mechanics and materialman liens, asserting and protecting security interests. The attorneys at Trotter Jones, LLP also have experience in securing court appointed receivers to take possession of debtor’s assets before those assets are sold, destroyed or hidden.

Getting a judgment against a debtor may just be the first step. We can also diligently pursue collection of the judgment through garnishment, post-judgment discovery, levies, and enforcement of Georgia judgments. If your debtor has an asset in the Augusta, Georgia area, we can also assist you on enforcing judgments obtained in other states.