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Trotter Jones, LLP engages in a general business practice providing legal support for new, emerging and established area businesses.

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Your Business Needs Handled Efficiently and Economically

Trotter Jones, LLP, works with small, midsize and large businesses, handling a variety of business matters, including the following:

Large-Firm Experience

Two of our business law attorneys have worked in a large international firm. This valuable experience allows us to offer our corporations and small businesses a more sophisticated level of business services. The fact that we are a small firm means that we are able to personalize these services. We take the time to get to know our clients so that the assistance we give is specific and targeted.

You have a vision for the future — to start and maintain a successful business, to ensure that all your business transactions are free of legal disruption, to set in motion business structures that support your venture. At Trotter Jones, LLP, we can help you fulfill your goals. Contact our Augusta office today to schedule a consultation with an experienced lawyer. Call (706) 737-3138.