Augusta Medical and Dental Practice Buy-ins Attorneys

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As your medical or dental practice grows, so does your need for qualified professionals to help you meet the needs of an expanding client base. You have selected a doctor or dentist who will round out your practice and help you assist more patients in your area. You need assistance structuring the buy-in process to make sure the process proceeds efficiently and properly.

At Trotter Jones, LLP, we specialize in guiding professionals through the buy-in process. Contact our Augusta office today to schedule a consultation. Call today: (706) 737-3138.

Adding a New Doctor to Your Practice?

Trotter Jones, LLP, works with established medical and dental facilities in overseeing the process of adding a new professional to their practice. In addition, we work with the doctors and dentists who are in the process of joining such practices. With the help of our attorneys, you can be assured that matters will be dealt with efficiently and comprehensively.

Let Trotter Jones Assist You Through the Process

Our approach addresses transitional issues at the time of the buy-in and safeguards against problems in the future. Let our firm handle all aspects of your medical or dental buy-in, including:

  • Preparation of acquisition documents
  • Stock purchase agreements
  • Asset purchase agreements
  • Preparation of or amendments to buy/sell agreements
  • Employment agreements
  • Noncompetition provisions
  • Real estate considerations
  • Financing

You have a vision for the future — to grow your medical or dental practice, to garner qualified, reliable colleagues. At Trotter Jones, LLP, we wish to help you actualize your goals. Contact our Augusta office today to schedule a consultation with an experienced lawyer. Call (706) 737-3138.